Welcome to Paprika, a celebration of creativity and the power of imagination! Follow Tina Hachi as she attends her very first anime convention and meets her lifelong friends. Be careful, though Nekomimi have very powerful imaginations and if you're swept up in them... there's no telling where you'll end up.
Jan 01, 2017Page000


Now with Yuki and Ruby on her side, Tina is ready to decide her future. She lives in her parent's restaurant and aspires to be its signature chef, just like her father. But there's always room for hobbies, right? The Nekomimi band together to bring Ron's dream of an anime store to life.
Jan 20, 2017Page019

Tiger Special

Tina can't help but be tempted by her parents going on vacation and leaving the kitchen all alone. Maybe this will be the time she can prove to her friends she's an amazing chef after all! If she can make the legendary "Tiger Special", there will be no doubt as to how far she's come... Careful though, there's no telling what will happen if you get it just a little off.
Mar 02, 2017Page060


Even in small doses, the legendary spice that made thenekomimi is a very powerful thing. Ron found out what it means to be bathed in the stuff and may be irrevocably changed forever! Will he be able to keep his new store now that he's a feline?! Tina and his friends wont just leave him, will they?
Apr 17, 2017Page105